Outdoor Radial Waves Open Lighting Units - Large Size - 14.1"/14.3"/369 - 396/417/432

ISLANDS and AREAS of LIGHT - Infrastructure Development
Electricity - Electric Lighting

A lighting unit for Light Communities outdoor environment 'esoteric' and general lighting, 
where the light source has to be unshielded, 'at sight'... 

Recommended mounting height: 7...12m / 23...40ft
Suitable lampholder: E(X)39/E40

 Depiction of the lighting unit with an ED28/ED90
'open rated' HID lamp

Outline of assembly side view with dimensional details
for further 'blue printing' of each component
- Size '14.1"/369' - Schumann's / Tesla's frequency numbers -
(dimensions are in mm.)

- Size '396/432' - Sound frequency numbers -
(dimensions are in mm.)

Key of main dimensions related 
to the nominal size - overall dia.
(medium and large size only)

Outdoor Radial-waves Bell-style Open Lighting Unit - Large size - 14.1"/369

Particulars and Draft Blue-prints, Dimensional Details 

Assembly Side-view
Dimensional details

Head cup-shield - dimensional details

Bell-shield - dimensional details

Dished-plate-shield - dimensional details

Internal assembling frame - dimensional details

Open Lampshades - dimensional details

Assembling outline - main pieces only
  1 - Upper image - Saucer for lampholder
2 - Lower image - Dish for lensed LED

More details to come...

Suitable lamps:

The Pink Light Egg-shapped Bulb:  https://lightcommunitylighting.blogspot.com/2018/04/blog-post.html

The pure Argon HID lamp:  https://lightcommunitylighting.blogspot.com/2018/08/blog-post_25.html

Xenon HID Lamp with Synthetic Gemstone:  https://lightcommunitylighting.blogspot.com/2018/08/blog-post.html

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