Sunday, 31 March 2019

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"A prototype will be formed some where in the world. So far the 3 possible locations are Brazil, Crete, and Hungary. The first step is to build an infrastructure."


Geomancy (Greek for "earth divination") is the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously.
The Geomancer engages with contemporary building sites and materials.

Even these kinds of technical issues will be addressed in an 'organic holistic way' as might they arise in the forming of Islands of Light, we consider to make the steps we can, in the respect of the idea that "the first step is to build an infrastructure", as we can do with our knowledge and expertise.

The other spiritual concerns will be brought by someone else whose best expertise is in this area.

And, Yes!... It is not about general electricity, as we know it.
It is about specific issues concerning the living in Islands and Areas of Light. This is its intent, to draw designs of electrical concern in the respect of Areas of Light development.

How do you see the use of electricity, including free energy, in this communities?
Would you use general standards, or would you draw specific ones?
Would you use general apparatus (i.e. lighting units), or would you have some specific ones?
If you can, please give most suggestion you can, so, we take it into consideration…

In any way, it seems very disappointing to seed our breakaway civilization with the disgusting three-phase 3x400/230 voltage supply with active grounded neutral and stray voltages as well, to be used in our geomantic architecture sacred geometry buildings...

"They are the seeds of the future Breakaway civilization on the surface of the planet. The time is now."

Examples are given in the pages of our blog (some are not public, so you have to keep the link when is given) for some lighting units using preferred natural numbers of sound frequencies, and
'natural occurring' numbers:éry's_constant_ζ(3)

Dimension of products are set using these numbers.

This can extend to any kind of design, architecture and else.

Don't say please,... that you can use in a design only the golden ratio, for all the component parts of the design. Or in some cases you need another ratio from some purposes, so you have where to chose from.

Our designs might be also an example in this respects, but not only to be considered as some, let's say, ellipsoidal and 'stumps' or flowers like looking  products...

Friday, 29 March 2019