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ISLANDS and AREAS of LIGHT Infrastructure Development

Electricity HFAC Microgrid Papers - an Incunabulum for 'Alternative Power' Off-grid Communities

The hybrid DC/HFAC microgrid – a 2nd option for our Areas of Light

Subject under development...

Novel Ultra-High-Frequency AC Link Based Distributed Energy Systems and Microgrids

A novel distributed PV system with ultra-high-frequncy-AC bus for residential applications

A Review of Power Electronics Based Microgrids

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ISLANDS and AREAS of LIGHT - Infrastructure Development

Electricity - The HFAC (high frequency alternating current) microgrid

If you are an 'indoctrinated professor', or even are you considering that free-energy devices should 'give' you the same of 50/60Hz for your home appliances,
then give a read here:

You will understand what latently stands 'above' the 50/60Hz in  power distribution.
You will also understand what may mean 'the war of frequencies' in the up coming 'free energy' world.
It's not at all only our 'imagination'.
If you are an awakened, and also are you concerned in the domain,... inform yourself, prepare yourself!...

If you are a strong supporter of the LVDC distribution system, - as we also are up to a certain point, at least to the point of the first Islands of Light development, - so, if that's your case, try to envision the 'only DC' in the long awaited 'free energy' world.
And, try to understand that you are going to fall in another kind of 'indoctrination'... That of the 'only DC' world.

Try to understand that 'the war of currents' has to be replayed, for both of them to 'win-win' their part.

Each one has to win it's place in a 'descentralized' power system world.

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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Free Energy Links

Islands and Areas of Light - Infrastructure development
FREE-ENERGY devices,... are there AC or DC 'native'??…

For sure, as long as coils and frequency is in discussion, the devices seem to be AC native. But it seems that many schemes use also rectifiers.
Each one particular type of device must be considered apart.

AC or DC 'native' means what kind of output results, due to the principle of its running.

At first glance, if resulting a high frequency (and possible non-sinusoidal) output, then that 'AC' output can be rectified into DC, and finish! 
You are in no way forced to convert it into the highly disgusting sinusoidal 50/60Hz AC.

But every type of device must be considered by its case.

Here some examples:

Proven Alternative Energy – The Searl Generator

 *  *  *  *  *

The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity

Cold Electricity how to

How to Generate Cold Electricity

Nikola Tesla's Free Electricity Electronic Circuit's_Free_Electricity_Electronic_Circuit

Apparatus for the utilization of radiant energy:

Method of utilizing radiant energy:

Free Energy Generation using Neodymium Magnets: An Off-Grid Sustainable Energy Solution for Sub-Saharan Africa:

International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)
Free Energy Generator


The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity:

Thursday, 6 June 2019


ISLANDS and AREAS of LIGHT Infrastructure Development
Electricity: The 'return' of the DC (direct Current) – A Brief Overview

International Electrotechnical Commission
LVDC: the better way
Challenging the status quo

International Electrotechnical Commission – IEC

IEC standards activities on LVDC for electricity:
"LVDC is still considered as a highly disruptive technology • LVDC needs to be safe and reliable, at least to the same extent as AC systems • There is still a lack of standards, with no consensus on DC voltages, earthing for islanded microgrid arrangements, protection solutions, plugs, sockets, etc."

Challenging the status quo. LVDC: the better way

"A disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry."

AND YES!! The old and disgusting established AC system of 50/60Hz MUST BE DISRUPTED!!

It is part of the establishment and must be disrupted!

It carries within (on a 'higher level') the 'darkness' of the suppression of Tesla's free energy, and of the disgusting economic interest of the interconnected 'wire grid' development.

It should be forbidden (strictly not allowed) in our Islands of Light!

Islands and Areas of Light shall at any cost not allow any 'heritage' which carries (even on a 'multidimensional level') any energy of suppression of any kind!
Stop of the 50/60Hz AC in our Light Communities!

The more off-grid you are, the more '(E)LVDC' have you to be.

Islands and areas of Light MUST be 'DC nanogrids' only.

Cobra's free energy devices have to be LVDC only.

If you are involved in Areas of Lights infrastructure development, then please come forward to discuss some important topics. The AC of 50/60Hz has to have NO ROOM in the upcoming 'Breakaway civilization'. Nothing good has it!

It is an unpermitted 'heritage' of the old and disgusting (and neverending collapsing) system.

It must be avoided at any cost!

Solutions are already in place for small off-grid ELVDC nano-grids.

It seems India is in a top position of day by day development.

Material is put together in our blog. Search the links of interest!

Yes, there is a ELVDC standard in place for India!

It is NOT a joke! It may be used for islanded off-grid communities from anywhere, not only India.

Here it is! 
BIS (India Standards) guidelines for 48 V ELVDC Distribution System:

If you are an 'indoctrinated professor', part or not of the disgusting establishment, and threatening your students with fail of examination if they ask or question too much,... then should you know your time is up!
You have either to 'awake' or to 'retire'...

Inform yourself! Prepare yourself! Stay tuned!

Appliances for ELVDC are already on market.

Look up the links in our page:

From this Blog: