Monday, 15 January 2018

E33 Screw Caps and Lampholders


Subject:  Edison Screw-caps and Holders for Electric Lamps - size E33
  > Dimensional Details

Depiction of ED/BT HID lamps
 with E39/E40, E33, E26/27 screw caps:


*  *  *  *  *

E33 Screw-cap

 *  *  *  *

E33-3P-C- Lampholder   (Complete)

- Ceramic, - 5KV pulse

 *  *  *  *

E33-3P-P- Lampholder   (Complete)
 - plastic, with ceramic mid piece

  *  *  *  *

E33-2P-C1- Lampholder  (not completed)
 - Ceramic, - 5KV pulse   

  More details to come...

*  *  *  *

E33-2P-C2- Lampholder   (not completed)
 - Ceramic, - 5KV pulse  

More details to come...

 *  *  *  *

E33-1P-C1- Lampholder   (Complete)
- Ceramic 


 *  *  *  *

E33-1P-C2- Lampholder   (not completed)
 - Ceramic   

 - Details to come...

Related Standards: 

ANSI Standard C81.61, C81.62  -  Specifications for Bases (Caps) for Electric Lamps and Holders
 IEC Standard 60061-1, 60061-2  -  Lamp Caps and Holders
 DIN Standard 40400  -  Edison Thread


Cobra's post up to date:


  1. An example of E33 to E27 adapter:

    In some cases, it might help to test the E33 lampholder using an E27 lamp...

  2. The E33 thread for lamps caps and holders - an OPEN SOURCE product standard development...

    Now, when there is already available a broad mid range of HID lamps, you have not at disposal a mid range size for lamp caps and holder, to fit this range of lamps.

    Mid range HID lamps can use either the E27/Med or the E40/Mog screw-cap and holder.
    While the first one is considered as undersized in many cases, the big one is usually chosen (due to the lack of a mid size), which of course, is oversized.

    So we bring in here the E33 size to be used for medium power HID lamps, which is expected to be the most broadly used, especially in the outdoor environment lighting.

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