Outdoor Post-top Lighting Unit - Extended Large Size - 20.3"

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Outdoor Post-top Lighting Unit - Extended Large Size - <20.3"/20.8"/528>

A lighting unit for Light Communities outdoor environment 'esoteric' and decorative lighting, 

The light source (one or more) and other devices are shielded together inside the lampshade. 

Assembly Side-view 
with Dimensional Details

- Maximal bulb power 1000W, rated lumen output 100000lm.
- Pole size: top end spigot/tenon dia.: 76mm/3in., 89mm/3.5in.; 
                   recommended height (up to spigot):  2.40...3.30m/8...11ft, for base-down lampshade.

Details and 'blue prints' are given for  main components.

Headshield 20.3"/20.8"

Lampshade Dimensional Details

Post-top Fitter - Lampshade Fitter

Post-top Fitter - Pole Fitter

The other pieces and assembly components are the same as to the extended large size 16"/(396/417mm) outdoor post-top lighting unit: https://lightcommunitylighting.blogspot.com/p/post-top-outdoor-lighting-fixture.html

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