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AREAS of LIGHT Infrastructure Development

Subject: Electricity

…From the disgustingness of the 3-phase power system with grounded neutral as an active wire,... to Tesla's wireless transmission...

…Let's develop a 'clean' environment with no stray-voltage for our Islands and Areas of Light... Time is now!...

If you are an electrical engineer, but also awakened, and are you interested in the establishment of first Islands of Light, please come to discussion to find together the best solution.

If you are an 'indoctrinated' of mainstream science, but are you awakening now, you are also welcome...
Every one of us who is interested in this concern is welcome.
Let come together... Time is now!... Islands of Light need our work. Let's do it!

1 - A clean environment, with no 'stray voltages'.

"Stray voltage is the occurrence of electrical potential between two objects that ideally should not have any voltage difference between them. Small voltages often exist between two grounded objects in separate locations, due to normal current flow in the power system."

"Stray voltage is any case of undesirable elevated electrical potential, but more precise terminology gives an indication of the source of the voltage. Neutral to earth voltage (NEV) specifically refers to a difference in potential between a locally grounded object and the grounded return conductor, or neutral, of an electrical system. The neutral is theoretically at 0 V potential, as any grounded object, but current flows on the neutral back to the source, somewhat elevating the neutral voltage. NEV is the product of current flowing on the neutral and the finite, non-zero impedance of the neutral conductor between a given point and its source, often a distant substation."

"Stray voltage is defined as "A voltage resulting from the normal delivery and/or use of electricity (usually smaller than 10 volts) that may be present between two conductive surfaces that can be simultaneously contacted by members of the general public and/or their animals. Stray voltage is caused by primary and/or secondary return current, and power system induced currents, as these currents flow through the impedance of the intended return pathway, its parallel conductive pathways, and conductive loops in close proximity to the power system."

…Let's develop a 'clean' environment with no stray-voltage for our Islands and Areas of Light... Time is now!...

It comes, how clean or not is an environment in which you have stray-voltages?

Would you 'like' to have stray-voltages, even low value or not dangerous?...

From a metaphysical, from a higher dimensional, point of view... is somehow the stray-voltage something that makes the Area of Light not clean enough?...

No grounded active wire if you want to avoid stray-voltage!... nor for supply voltage, none for 'low-voltage' (extra-low-voltage), no else...

Active wires have to be not grounded!...

Our proposals of 'wall plug' voltage, for the case of 'free energy' devices with AC output, may it be single-phase or 3-phase, do not use the grounded-neutral as an active wire. So, currents flow only in line wires.

No grounded active wire if you want to avoid stray-voltage!... nor for supply voltage, none for 'low-voltage' (extra-low-voltage), no else...

Active wires have to be not grounded!...

Look up the diagrams for a better understanding.

120V / 60Hz - No Active Neutral

Mainstream science is interested in only minimizing 'costs' and voltage drop at end users, but not to keep clean the environment of stray-voltages, or to be you in no or less danger...

The proposed solution, with 1x120V AC or 3x120V AC in discussion has the grounded neutrals kept apart (not accessible to plugs) from plugged apparatus.

Look up the diagrams above, and understand if there is stray-voltage to come from.

Please see also that contact-voltage between lines and earth is only 60V in the proposed single-phase system and 70V in the three-phase one, so it's the less dangerous you can achieve in a power system of 120V, single phase or 3-phases.

However, in the described cases, a low value capacitive current might flow, but it's value, and voltage-drop is very very low, comparative with the current in earthed active neutrals.

In any of case, as our estimation, in short networks and independent from main power grid, as the case in Areas of Light, the proposed single-phase and 3-phases (with non-active grounded neutral) will properly work;
even in 3-phase system not equally loaded by single phase consumers.

If you are a qualified electrician, but also awakened, and are you in interest of development the first Islands of Light, please come to this discussion...

We give a call to electrical engineers who were involved in designing or working in 'UK Reduced low voltage' systems, to discuss particulars of these kind of networks;
that are most alike with what we want to develop for Islands of Light.

 *  *  *  *  *

2 - Setting 'extra low voltage' standard.

Another item of interest is to set the standard for 'Extra-low voltage'. It's what is vox-populi named as 'low-voltage';
thus, in electrical engineering low voltage is something else.

- actual réglementation: 

"Some types of landscape lighting use SELV / PELV (extra-low voltage) systems. Modern battery operated hand tools fall in the SELV category. In more arduous conditions 25 volts RMS alternating current / 60 volts (ripple-free) direct current can be specified to further reduce hazard. Lower voltage can apply in wet or conductive conditions where there is even greater potential for electric shock. These systems should still fall under the SELV / PELV (ELV) safety specifications."

"In Brazil, ELV (Extra-baixa tensão or EBT in Portuguese) is officially defined in Regulatory Standard no. 10 from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment as any voltage "not exceeding 50 volts a.c. or 120 volts d.c.".[5] Although that standard defines safety rules for electricity, the Regulatory Standard no. 12 requires an even lower voltage for start and stop devices on machines and equipment made from March 2012 and on, stating it shall not exceed 25 volts a.c. or 60 volts d.c."

We consider the 25V RMS alternating current and the 60V ripple-free direct current to be chosen as basic values for 'extra low voltage'.
In wet or conductive conditions where there is even greater potential for dander, we consider to have 12V and 24V DC ripple-free.

Discussion to continue...

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Friday, 15 February 2019

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The tachyonized Xenon HID Lamp with Synthetic Jade.
A light source for Light Communities and Areas of Light outdoor environment.

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A brief description, comparative with The Mandala Sphere Laser System
- The white light source is a xenon discharge tube of a quasi day-light spectrum output.
- The white light is passing through the geometric structure of a pure tachyonized synthetic gemstone tube, positioned around the Xenon arc-tube.
- It is supposed to have a leak of white light at the ends of the synthetic gemstone tube (which is desirable or not, as the case may be). The longer the gem tube, the lower the leaks of white light...
- As designed in a form of a HID lamp, it is suitable for lighting fixtures, instead of in hand devices.
In this way it comes as a device for the environment instead for an individual.

Image of a protected MH lamp (for educational purpose only)

Artificial jade and process of making same