Sunday, 2 September 2018

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The tachyonized Xenon HID Lamp with Synthetic Emerald.
A light source for Light Communities and Areas of Light outdoor environment.

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The TACHIONIZED HID xenon bulb with synthetic gemstones.

A brief description, comparative with The Mandala Sphere Laser System

- The white light source is a xenon discharge tube of a quasi day-light spectrum output.

- The white light is passing through the geometric structure of a pure tachyonized synthetic gemstone tube, positioned around the Xenon arc-tube.

- It is supposed to have a leak of white light at the ends of the synthetic gemstone tube (which is desirable or not, as the case may be). The longer the gem tube, the lower the leaks of white light...

- As designed in a form of a HID lamp, it is suitable for lighting fixtures, instead of in hand devices.
In this way it comes as a device for the environment instead for an individual.

- It might be, or not, coated, as in case of mercury or metal halide lamps.

Image of a protected MH lamp (for educational purpose only)

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