Outdoor Post-top Lighting Unit – Inter Size – 369


AREAS OF LIGHT - Infrastructure Development - Electricity

Outdoor Post-top Lighting Unit - Inter Size - <369>

A lighting unit for Light Communities outdoor environment 'esoteric' and general lighting, 
where the light source and other devices have to be shielded together inside the lampshade. 

Assembly Side-view 
with Dimensional Details

1 Post-top Fitters

1.2 - Lampshade Fitters

2 - Lampshades

3 - Headshields


Some pieces will be similar to the regular 16" post-top unit:    https://lightcommunitylighting.blogspot.com/2018/01/blog-post_22.html, but some other pieces will be apart.

More details to come...

And, don't forget!... you can't design a man made object with only phi ratio for all, and among all, its component parts.

Look it here 'natural occurring' numbers...

Basic mathematical constants: 

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