Saturday, 16 June 2018

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"Dear ones! Important! The thread below is meant only for SotR groups who do meet on physical. Number of the people in the group is considered at least 3 people.

We are calling by this post all existing Sisterhood of the Rose groups which have regular physical meetings and want to be included into the planetary SotR network list published on the official Sisterhood of the Rose website, which will be promoted on Cobra's blog, to give here their coordinates including their email... so that people can join them,..."

Cobra's up to date post:

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

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Understanding the Red Light...

What is it?... a narrow band of light of the end of the visible spectrum,... or a more brighter and wider spectrum of light?...

An 'assumption' might lead us to the idea by which these colours of light are some kind more alike to the 'colors of sound' in higher dimensions, at least in the way in which might be comparable with the 3rd dimensional physics, to be understandable.

i.e. the red light we intend to visualize might be a result of a frequency spectrum proportional to the reciprocal of the frequency squared (1/f2) of a certain 'higher dimensional band' of 'frequency',... expressed at least in earthling understandable terms...

A supposed spectrum of a quasi '1/f2' red light
[Image for illustration and educative purpose only]

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