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The 'Laser Diode Bulb' of 407nm – a possible high efficiency violet light source for esoteric use.

On left: A 'filament LED' bulb illustrating the uncoated (no phosphor) array of laser diodes;
On right: A coated (with phosphor) ED-shaped bulb illustrating the finished 'laser diode bulb'

Filament componence details

[Images are only for illustration and educative purposes]

The case of the coated lamp (image on right, above) has to be considered of 'remote phosphor' type, from a LED point of view. 
As shown in the lower image, the coatings (outer layer) of the filament (laser diodes array) are with no phosphor, but diffusing only. 
The phosphor coating is on the inner side of outer bulb, similar to the coated HID lamps, in order to work in this way. 
In this case a large area of phosphor coating can be achieved, and, it is at a certain distance from the heat source (filament) preventing the overheating of the phosphorous.

Research needs to be conducted...

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