Electrical Low-power Transformers Enclosures - Potting Cases

A full range of dimensional details enclosures for 'encased and potted' low power (up to 1000W) transformers will be available on this page.

Sometimes the 'core and coil' transformers are not an option, the protected ones are needed, therefore a dimensional specification range of enclosures (using preferred numbers) will be needed for our Light Communities.
We don't wait for others to give it, we design our owns.
'Encased and potted' low power transformers (encapsulated in a high temperature resin, up to Class H, 180ÂșC) will be needed for many applications instead of the 'core and coil' (unprotected) transformers.
We have to do ours, for us, and not to have to chose from what others do, due to economic interests, and undersized and overheating transformers, core and coil only, which are not an option...

Examples of enclosure (potting case) with general dimensions:

Type 1 Design: 

Type 2 Design: 

Type 3 Design: 

Type 1, 2, 3,  Designs - Common Pieces and Details: 

Type 4 Design: 

Some examples of enclosure (type 1 potting case) with specific dimensions: 



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