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Subject: The Medium Pressure Discharge Lamp as a Compact Plasma-Antenna

Depictions of compact plasma-antenna
in ED165 and BT200 bulb shape,
with 3-contact E39/E40 screw cap.

Consider for the ED165 plasma-antenna the arc tube of the same size as that used in the Osira MA lamp (the first mercury lamp): http://www.lamptech.co.uk/Documents/M8A%20MA%20Lamp.htm

Discussion to continue...

Suitable high voltage lampholder on our page:

Notice that this type of 3-contact screw-cap plasma antennas may use a common 2-contact lampholder in order to supply the current for the plasma tube, while the 3rd contact needs to be made separately, by connecting the antenna wire directly to the upper contact of the screw-cap using a special bracelet, after the antenna-bulb is screwed.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

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Subject: The light emitting diode and related devices as an antenna for scalar waves broadcasting...
In fact a 'solid state plasma' like antenna,... but using light emitting 'solid state' components.

Discussion to continue...

This post about 'The light emitting diode and related devices as an antenna for scalar waves broadcasting'
is only a technical supposition. For moment we have no found proof or data that this kind of solid state works,... thus it may, as well.

We considered to put it into discussion, starting from only the fact that solid state antennas are in some trends, as plasma antennas, beside of the ionized plasma antennas, of course for radio-waves.
But, also considering that ionized plasma antennas can be used for scalar waves too. 

So, as long this ones (ionized plasma antennas for scalar waves, in discussion in previous posts) can be taken as an educated assumption, the others ('solid state' antennas for scalar waves, in this post) should be considered as only a supposition.

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Optical Antennas: https://www.osapublishing.org/DirectPDFAccess/C3CB4D59-CB78-A074-53B84B82282BF9E5_184757/aop-1-3-438.pdf?da=1&id=184757&seq=0&mobile=no

Solid-State Plasma Lighting: The Benefits and Target Apps for LEPs:




Tandem dual-functioning multiple-quantum-well diodes for a self-powered light source: https://www.osapublishing.org/DirectPDFAccess/F78BFB1A-906F-6118-FF54392D218A7165_395708/ol-43-15-3710.pdf?da=1&id=395708&seq=0&mobile=no



A new look at the Ufer ground system: http://www.scott-inc.com/html/ufer.htm

Sunday, 2 December 2018

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Imagine a caduceus coil with a discharge tube in the 'midst' of it (from an electrical connection point of view, it's not instead the ferrite, which is in its place).

In fact you have the discharge tube at the end of the first winding, and thereafter the reverse winding. So, the tube is apart from the 2 coils which are interwinded.

More exactly you have a discharge tube interconnected between the 2 windings of the caduceus coil.

What you have is in fact a plasma discharge tube with a no-inductance ballast.
But not this is the problem, you will find a way to stabilize the plasma discharge.

The problem of interest is what will happen from a 'scalar waves' point of view.
How will it work as a scalar waves antenna this interconnection, as principle at least?...

For only a better understanding (thus it's something different in case of scalar waves) consider a RF antenna in which the caduceus windings are instead the RF coil, while the discharge tube is instead the 'dipole'.

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NIKOLA TESLA, OF NEW YORK, N. Y.  -  SYSTEM OF ELECTRIC LIGHTING.  -  SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 454,622, dated June 23, 1891.  

Thursday, 29 November 2018

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Subject of Research and Discussion:


The Hybrid Incandescent/Discharge Lamp as an Antenna for Scalar Waves

Depiction of Hybrid Incandescent/Plasma
 Scalar Antenna 
- ED28/90; ED37120 Lamp-size - 


Most probable, the arc tube and the incandescent filament need to be longer.

At a first overview, the outer bulb shape needs to be at least as ED120/ED37 or bigger. 
These forms are prolated spheroids with a ratio around '1.618'.

A screw cap with 3 contacts may also come into discussion...

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Light Bulb Antenna Basics:  https://hamsignal.com/blog/light-bulb-antenna-basics-and-faq

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High pressure discharge lamp with incandescent filament for starting:  https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/5b/a6/64/1b9332d8eb8cbd/US4939417.pdf

Friday, 9 November 2018



Subject of Research and Discussion:

The Compact 'External Electrodes Discharge Lamp'... as an antenna for resonant frequency healing and 'multi-waves' outdoor broadcasting.

Depiction of the proposed UHF plasma antenna in
 the form of an external electrode short discharge tube.

Discussion to continue...

Suitable high voltage lampholder on our page:

* * * *

If you are an 'average' awakened specialist, then imagine a "CopenLabs Multi Wave Oscillator" like device, for outdoor environmental healing.

Of course it has to be different...

But,... imagine that instead of samples of remedies,... you try to keep the energy from certain sources (i.e. the Great Cintamani Stone, a.o.) and to project the energy onto the desired place.

Instead of the well known antenna, we consider to spread the energy through the under discussion special plasma discharge unit.

On the other hand, the plasma (as known from physics), as a 'most' common state of... the 'universe',... seems to be more suitable for light spreading, for 'esoteric' purposes than other 'new' and, or, upcoming more or less 'solid' light sources...

From our point of view, the plasma light sources will 'survive' in post Event era as well, at least from the, here under discussion, points of view...

... even if not for general lighting, of course...

And... if you are the 'average awakened'... yeess,... you will understand, or at least find that beside of (the now under 'extinguishing'...) incandescent lamps,... there are also considered as 'incandescent' the 'hot cathodes', and the LEDS as well...

If you don't believe,... do your own research...

Here a starting point:
Characteristic Properties of Advanced Coil-External Electrodes of Fluorescent Lamps:

But!... a question is to what degree could you 'accelerate' an 'external electrode' discharge to lead it into an arc discharge, or even into an 'external electrode HID lamp'.

... In any way,... think it from a high frequency point of view...

Light units (Lighting Fixtures / Luminaires) will come on the blog, designed to host the all proposed 'plasma tubes' and 'lamps'...

Do not expect to be 'cosmos' like appearances, but there will be at disposal to give the possibility of the test of different 'plasmas' on the same condition.

You will have enclosed post-top outdoor units (you have them already), there are coming ('soon') the radial waves ones (unclosed),... there will also come enclosed side-mounted lanterns and 'house big' units for the case of the necessity to host sized tubes.
...think to the 'Texas tubes' (give a search to it)...

E40/Mog high voltage lampholders (extended) will come 'in the not too distant future' capable to host (house-big) BT lamps (i.e. BT200) for the under discussion applications...

We do not wait from 'others' to 'borrow' the needed components,... we come with ours, ... into the development of our Light Communities,...

doing the 80% of work, and awaiting from the Light Forces for the other 20%,...

or better to be said,... we draw the research lines (the 80%) and the LF will tell us how feasible our subject of research is (the other 20%) in order to succeed.

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Bill's 'Rife' plasma tubes ('house big', - 48in/1,2m length and 4in/100mm dia.):

Advanced Coil-External Electrodes of Fluorescent Lamps:

External-electrode discharge lamp with no light leakage from external electrode portion:

A smart fluorescent antenna for Wi-Fi applications:

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Antenna Lamp: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/f7/ca/1e/56e8897e604d82/US4039894.pdf

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From 'Rife Tubes' to 'Pen Rays'... and from medium pressure arc tubes to HID lamps,... towards a kind of possible 'frequency light sources' for outdoor environment healing units...

A subject that has to come into discussion.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

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The tachyonized Xenon HID Lamp with Synthetic Emerald.
A light source for Light Communities and Areas of Light outdoor environment.

Related post:  Xenon HID Lamp with Synthetic Gemstone 'Protection Tube'

The TACHIONIZED HID xenon bulb with synthetic gemstones.

A brief description, comparative with The Mandala Sphere Laser System http://tachyonis.org/Laser.html:

- The white light source is a xenon discharge tube of a quasi day-light spectrum output.

- The white light is passing through the geometric structure of a pure tachyonized synthetic gemstone tube, positioned around the Xenon arc-tube.

- It is supposed to have a leak of white light at the ends of the synthetic gemstone tube (which is desirable or not, as the case may be). The longer the gem tube, the lower the leaks of white light...

- As designed in a form of a HID lamp, it is suitable for lighting fixtures, instead of in hand devices.
In this way it comes as a device for the environment instead for an individual.

- It might be, or not, coated, as in case of mercury or metal halide lamps.

Image of a protected MH lamp (for educational purpose only)

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