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ISLANDS and AREAS of LIGHT - Infrastructure Development

Subject: Electricity

The single or three-phase of 220V/50Hz voltage supply, with even a no-active neutral, – a horrible compromise between our new 'breakaway civilization'... and the never ending collapsing world establishment system...

Thus not at all desired, there is a certain likelihood that in the '220V/50Hz world' this power system will be 'forced' to be chosen for our Islands and Areas of Light infrastructure...

Why is it so undesired??
Because it uses an useless high (and dangerous) voltage and an useless low frequency as well, compared to the short distances and small areas in which has it to be utilised.

220V / 50Hz - No Active Neutral

Imagine a world with free energy only, with no reminiscence of an earthling power grid of 50/60Hz 'standardized' voltage supply. Or, try to 'unlearn' (or imagine to forget) all what you learned in school about electricity distribution, and imagine a world in which only Tesla's free energy and wireless power distribution has supposedly been developed.
If it had developed that way, it would have shown it altogether...

Imagine, as an alternative for our Areas and Islands of Light, the 400Hz / 115V system.

So, this might be also the case for Areas and Islands of Light, supplied by free-energy devices (instead  the case for the transportation systems):
They don’t need to interoperate, for example, with the nearby power grids assembled by other utilities. About the only (inefficient) nod they need to provide to worldwide “mains” standards is, for example, in providing 50 and 60 Hz-compatible power outlets for passengers to use when powering equipment they’ve brought on board, and generated by AC-to-DC rectifiers followed by DC-to-AC inverters. And on that note, 400 Hz has advantages over 50 Hz and 60 Hz from a DC-generation standpoint; the shorter cycle time allows for use of a smaller “droop” capacitor as part of the rectifier circuit.
Keep in mind, too, that the power-carrying wiring harnesses in such transportation systems are hundreds of feet long, not hundreds of miles long; the attenuating effects of series inductance at higher AC frequencies are less of a concern in such cases. Of great concern, conversely, is weight.

115V / 400Hz - No Active Neutral

Please consider to read also the post: https://lightcommunitylighting.blogspot.com/2019/02/untitled.html, in order to have a better look on the subject of 'no active neutral' networks.

Discussion to continue...

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Monday, 22 April 2019

Untitled Post



On the page you will find details of Outdoor Lighting Units (also known as Bracket-arm Street Lanterns) using the preferred numbers from sound frequency and natural shapes geometry:


 *  *  *  *  *

Pieces of blue prints with dimensional details of 'electric lighting construction sets' are in place, in the form of some miniature street lanterns (pole side arm bracket positioned).

There will be in 2 types of designs:
I - PROFESSIONALLY SHAPED resembling roughly (in a professional form) the shape and component parts of an ellipsoidal shaped lensed street lantern,
II - ENTERTAININGLY SHAPED - designed in the more attractive and entertaining shape of some 'fruit' or 'ice cream' plastic cans (packaging containers) which's shapes are suitable as a miniature lampshade,... or even in forms of can boxes.