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The Pink Light Egg-shapped Bulb - 1



An attempt to obtain a 1/f pink light source

Proposal for research will come into discussion in order to achieve an '1/f' pink light...

The 'hybrid incandescent/xenon-discharge lamp' may be, among others, an attempt to achieve a 'pink egg light source' with a continuum spectral 1/f relative power emission, for the case if this might be difficult to achieve in other ways, or as a case itself.

More or less of us heared about 'incandescent krypton bulb' or 'incandescent xenon bulb'...

But, if you are in knowledge, try to imagine what happens if in the 'incandescent xenon bulb' the xenon ignites around the filament.
Of course you have to create the proper condition in order to achieve it.
Instead of using the xenon as an inert gas in which the incandescent filament works, you have to use the filament inside a xenon discharge arc tube.

Depiction of the supposed lamp - appearance 

Yes! The filament is in the midst of the arc tube,... and the gas discharge occurs around and alongside the filament...
The lamp requires a ballast.

Depiction of the supposed lamp with details

Case into discussion, subject of research:

There are in fact 2 lamps (as principle) in a single arc tube, the incandescent lamp and the xenon discharge lamp working together...

The filament is incandescent and light emitting during the entire discharge process.

We try in this way to combine the spectrum of the incandescent lamp with the spectrum of the xenon discharge...

What the research must bring is: how much incandescence and how much xenon discharge is needed in order to have a proper balance of the spectrum...

As in the case of mercury lamps, the xenon discharge at high pressure  is expected to exert a constriction which can prevent the evaporation of the tungsten filament.

Constriction of high pressure arc discharge
[Image for illustration only, and educative purpose]

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