Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Halogen Hybrid Incandescent/Discharge Lamp


The Halogen Hybrid Incandescent/HID Lamp - Research proposal

Yes! The filament is in the midst of the arc tube,... and the gas discharge occurs around and alongside the filament...
The lamp requires a ballast.

Reference documents:

General reference:

Cases into discussion, subject of research:

1 - A halogen hybrid incandescent/HID lamp;
the filament is incandescent and light emitting during the entire discharge process, in fact there are 2 lamps (as principle) in a single arc tube, the halogen incandescent lamp and the metal halide discharge lamp working together...

2 - A hybrid incandescent/discharge lamp;
the filament is incandescent and light emitting in the midst of a noble gas or gas mixture discharge, which otherwise might have a lack of arc stability.

The second of the case, as subject of research, the 'hybrid incandescent/discharge lamp'
may be among others an attempt to achieve a 'pink egg light source' with a continuum spectral 1/f emission, for the case if this might be difficult to achieve in other ways, or as a case itself.

Discussion to come...

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