Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Halogen Hybrid Incandescent/Discharge Lamp



The Halogen Hybrid Incandescent/HID Lamp - Research proposal

Depiction of lamp and arc-tube with incandescent filament

Yes! The filament is in the midst of the arc tube,... and the gas discharge occurs around and alongside the filament...
The constriction of the high pressure arc discharge is expected to act upon the tungsten filament, preventing evaporation.
The lamp requires a ballast.

Reference documents:

General reference:

Cases into discussion, subject of research:

1 - A halogen hybrid incandescent/HID lamp;
the filament is incandescent and light emitting during the entire discharge process, in fact there are 2 lamps (as principle) in a single arc tube, the halogen incandescent lamp and the metal halide discharge lamp working together...

2 - A hybrid incandescent/discharge lamp;
the filament is incandescent and light emitting in the midst of a noble gas or gas mixture discharge, which otherwise might have a lack of arc stability.

The second of the case, as subject of research, the 'hybrid incandescent/discharge lamp'
may be among others an attempt to achieve a 'pink egg light source' with a continuum spectral 1/f emission, for the case if this might be difficult to achieve in other ways, or as a case itself.

HID arc-tube with constriction of the high pressure discharge
[Image is for only illustration and educative purposes]

Discussion to continue...

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