Thursday, 22 October 2020

Rare Gases HID Lamps


Q and A - Researchment, Questions and Expectations

Q - Let's start from here: In a previous post you claim that you have only the Xenon, as a pure rare gas for high intensity discharges, for lighting. And you have here and there some Krypton arc-lamps, but not for lighting. Do you have to add something more?
A - Yes, that is! But we refer not to what is known as short-arc lamps or flash lamps. We will discuss about lamps that are not short-arc, nor what is named as 'long-arc' lamps.

Q - Can you tell more about what you find as 'long-arc' lamps?
A - There are commonly named so lamps that are also of high intensity discharge of high power, of KW.

Q - And the arc tubes of the lamps shown in the depiction, what kind of arc length are?
A - We named them as medium-arc, only to make a distinction from that one of long or short arc, thus you find it not as a category. Consider them arc tubes of xenon flash lamps adapted for the experiment.

Q - And, will these flash lamp tubes work in a continuous mode, instead of flashing?
A - You need to achieve a stable arc discharge. If there is, you might have surprises with overheating. You need either to underdrive them, but maintaining arc stability, or to use large outer bulbs and a heat conductive gas that also prevents arcing. But, that's the research, that's the experiment, that is when you question...

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