Thursday, 11 January 2018

Specific Lights

What we try to achieve and discuss here are the outdoor lights for esoteric purposes, for the outdoor environment of Light Communities, Areas of Light, and also for Tachyon Chambers yards or Contact Zones.

 No matter are there achieved by lighting fixtures with nowadays lighting bulbs,  or by further development of HIDs or other light sources...

 We are developing in this way a new kind of specific purpose 'lights' beside of those for plant growth, aquarium and others.

It's true, till now, none a lamp manufactures or researcher had invested time or money for this scope,... but this is us here, under this movement, who try to discuss them and forward it into research for future achievement...


All what we put here in discussion under the topics like 'neon discharge', neon gas, and other alike... refers only to 'hot cathode neon discharge'.
Studies and written material on the subject are very rarely!!
It is NOT what you find on web about 'neon signs' and 'neon gas discharge' generally,...
Keep in mind that these are cold cathode low pressure discharge tubular lamps.
Not at all is this the case of our discussion!

What we are seeking for with this discussions is to find a possible opportunity to achieve a HID like discharge lamp with an output of 5000-10000lm, and with a wide color spectrum but with high reddish prevalence, for the outdoor lighting purposes previously discussed.

If you are a specialist... don't say immediately:... you have to read more about red or coloured metal halide lamps...

We had it already, and not since now,... be rest assured... and this is why we came back to neon and mercury hot cathode discharge as well...

We also know and understand the impediments of a hot cathode neon discharge, and this is why we consider into discussion a mixture of neon and mercury as well...

Stop!... And not this is all...

We also might need for our environment a warm greenish outdoor light source of the same output.

You guess it!! It's nothing else then a mercury based HID lamp... And what others consider as an disadvantage, the greenish light, we can exploit as an advantage, but under the condition to move or to enrich its spectrum with warm wavelength.
May it be by gas or fluorescent coating...

And do not think to the so called green metal halide lamps... They are to dark green and to bluish as well and also too expensive for their lack of green light quality...

It is also in the interest of all:

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