Thursday, 11 January 2018

Post-top Outdoor Lights


What we try to achieve and discuss here are the outdoor lights for esoteric purposes, for the outdoor environment of Light Communities, Areas of Light, and also for Tachyon Chamber yards or Contact Zones.

We are developing in this way a new kind of specific purpose 'lights' beside of those for general lighting.

"Visualize the Flower of Life Grid around the Earth lit up with Pink loving Goddess Light, White fire of AN, Blue flame of Archangel Michael, Violet Flame, and finally Green and Golden Light."
Let's try to make them visible in an 'earthling' form.
Let's try to imagine our first 'Light community' (sooner or later after the Event) with all of these, lighting it's outdoor environment...

What we have to do for now is to put together what we find in nowadays tech to obtain in most appropriate form the 3rd density counterpart of these multidimensional lights as are:
- soft Pink loving Goddess Light,
- White fire of AN,
- Blue flame of Archangel Michael,
- Violet Flame,
- Green and Golden Light
- others, as case may be.

What we have now at hand are the coloured fluorescent tubes, the HID lamps for specific applications, decorative, plant growth, aquaruim, a.o., LED coloured filament bulbs...

We need to consider that each one of a single fluorescent tube and filament LED bulbs, or even low power HIDs (excepting the high power ones) are much too faint to light an outdoor environment in a proper way.

So, what we need in order to have them in an outdoor environment is... a post-top lighting fixture capable to host and work together many pieces of above described types...

How should look like an outdoor post-top lighting fixture, and what main feature has it to match together, in order to fit our need of spreading a coloured but non glaring light, but with a sufficient lumen output for outdoor lighting purposes?

Let's imagine it so:
-for a soft pink light, the lumen output might be about 3000-5000lm.
-for a white fire light it might reach even a 15000-30000lm.
-for something inbetween 'soft light' and 'fire light' it might be from 5000 to 15000lm.

Another condition in order to enjoy the color or softness of light is that it has to look as a non-glaring one.

So, there is the need of an opaque or frosted large area lampshade of this outdoor lighting fixture.

Let's try to 'open design' it together!

For now, we found already 2 main features which match together: a large surfaced lampshade and an inner space inside the lampshade to host at least many linear fluorescent tubes, let say of 600mm/2ft long, about 6 to 9 pieces, and their control gears as well...

It might be also a 3rd condition in order to enjoy the colour of light. It is the neatness of the lampshade form.

i.e. imagine the soft pink light how it appears on a neat surface conical frustum lampshade,
and how it appears on a gewgawed lampshade. The last one will diminish the quality of the colour of light.

For those who are well familiarized with lighting sources and fixtures it's not too difficult to choose from all the vintage and nowadays post top types of luminaires.

In order to inspire us, as a starting point, we have to remember the former conical frustum post top luminaires used for fluorescent tubes of 2ft/600mm time ago...

But of course we have to keep it only to inspire our outdoor fixtures which have to be also shapely and pleasant, despite the simplicity of a conical frustum sized neat faced lampshade.

In order to have it in a shapely and pleasant design we have to consider the size of the lampshade we need for, at first of all.

For the above described purpose the conical frustum lampshade has to be, let's say a 750-770mm/30in height, a 400mm/16in top dia of frustum, and a 280mm/11in dia of base.

This will allow the hosting of up to 9 fluorescent tubes vertical positioned circle around inside the lampshade.

It will also properly host a tubular (app.400 mm/16in long) metal halide lamp, its lampholder, ballast, igniter and condenser,... or two ED28 sized metal halide lamps of different colours (with the same beside of them, but in number of 2).

In this case, the inner large space of lampshade will be favorable for convective cooling of the high power HIDs.

To have a rough image of these type of vintage post top lighting fixtures, give a look:

but we will shapely and functionally design each one of outside and inside of components to fit at best our needs...

As a short description of this post top fixture shape and dimensions we have to consider at first that the piece of interest is the large volume and surface of the lampshade, therefore the minimalistic style needed in order to not look it oversized, which is so by so not small at all. On the other hand, the cutted shape of the headshield and post-top fitter as well is needed, for the same meaning.
We need a fixture shaped, let's say, with the highest lampshade for the shortest overall height possible. Concerning these dimensions, some tapered shaped headshield or bases (which fits the pole) leads also to an oversized look of the assembly.

On another aspect, this kind of post top lighting fixture with a conical frustum neat faced lampshade having an area of app.0,8sq.m/9sq.ft(1sq.yd) might be useful for some research due to its larger inside volume of the lampshade,
so it may host different kind of lamps with different sizes and shapes but spreading the light through the same type of lampshade,... so a kind of research might be done on some concerns,...
but not going in too much details for now...

Not at least... It is also in the interest of all:

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