Monday, 12 March 2018

Post-top Outdoor Lighting Fixture - 2nd Design - Medium Size - 17"

The  page contains 'open details' of an outdoor post-top lighting fixture, we try to achieve and discuss about, for outdoor lights for esoteric purposes, for the outdoor environment of Light Communities, Areas of Light, and for Tachyon Chamber yards or Contact Zones.

- Maximal bulb power (HID) 400W, rated lumen output 40000lm.

- Lampshade size: height: 675mm/26.50in; top dia.: 424mm; base dia.: 335/430mm (base-up/base-down).

- Pole size: top end spigot/tenon dia.: 60mm/2.375in.;  recommended height: 3.00...3.60m/10...12ft for base-up lampshade, and 2.40...3.30m/8...11ft for base-down lampshade.

Details and 'blue prints' are given for  main components.


1.1 - Pole fitter:

1.2 - Lampshade Fitter:

2 - Lampshade:

3 - Top Shield:   

The other pieces and assembly components are the same as to the regular size 14"/350mm outdoor post-top lighting unit:

Cobra's up to date post:

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