Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Post-top Outdoor Lighting Fixture - 1st Design - Large Size - 18"

This page contains 'open details' of the 18" outdoor post-top lighting fixture, we try to achieve  for outdoor lights for esoteric purposes, for the outdoor environment of Light Communities, Areas of Light, for Tachyon Chamber yards and Contact Zones.

- Maximal bulb power 600W, rated lumen output 60000lm.

- Lampshade size: height: 775mm/30.50in; top dia.: 450mm/18in; base dia.: 365/480mm.

- Pole size: top end spigot/tenon dia.: 76mm/3in.;  recommended height: 3.00...4.20m/10...14ft for base-up lampshade, and 2.40...3.30m/8...11ft for base-down lampshade.

Details and 'blue prints' are given for  main components.


1.1 - Pole fitter - similar as to the regular size 16"/400mm outdoor post-top light unit,
 Two Pieces Post-top Fitters:

1.2 - Lampshade Fitters:

2 - Lampshades:  

 3 - Top Shield:  

The other pieces and assembly components are the same as to the regular size 16"/400mm outdoor post-top lighting unit:


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