Monday, 23 April 2018

Understanding the Blue Light

Natural phenomenon occur as usual in continuous spectrum of frequency, following certain formula, at least from a 3rd dimensional physics point of view, which may allow us the 'educated speculation' that this is a similar case from the point of view of, let's say, a higher dimensional physics, too.

As in the case of the Pink Light, it may be worth to be taken in consideration that in order to visualize properly the Blue Light, we have to understand it at least in 3rd density terms.

We are also entitled to consider that the 3rd dimensional visible veritable Blue Light is to a great extent the 3rd density counterpart of the metaphysical Blue Light which carries the energy we consider to imagine from here, on the earth...

So, the proper understanding of it in the earthling physical terms, concerning its visible spectrum, will help us at an unconscious level to visualize what in fact should it be.

Think at first that the power of light frequency emission (relative to human perception) is proportional to f (frequency of radiation, from 760nm to 380nm).

Going forward, we might also speculate that a frequency band (again, assimilated with 3rd D physics) of a phenomenon occurring in higher dimensions has to be resembled in the same way from a 3rd density audible and visible point of view...

What we have 'at hand' (thus it is at the hand of very few scientists, not at everyone's hand), but it is however an example of an earthling 'natural occurring' of blue, light and sound as well,
is the blue light of Cherenkov radiation:

"Unlike fluorescence or emission spectra that have characteristic spectral peaks, Cherenkov radiation is continuous. Around the visible spectrum, the relative intensity per unit frequency is approximately proportional to the frequency. That is, higher frequencies (shorter wavelengths) are more intense in Cherenkov radiation. This is why visible Cherenkov radiation is observed to be brilliant blue."

For an average awakened and physics educated person, and from an esoteric point of view, we may consider the blue light of Cherenkov radiation as... the 'most blue' among all blue lights which may be now seen on earth...

However on your display will appear only a resemblance of the very Cherenkov radiation, resulting from the mixing of the display's main colors. It is not the continuous spectrum radiation as it might be seen in-situ where it occurs.
Even so, it gives us a rough idea of how it may look like.
It seems also matching the blue on the right page of the blog, "MASS MEDITATIONS CLICK HERE"...

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