Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Medium Pressure Neon-Mercury Discharge Lamp

The Fluorescent Coated Medium/High-Pressure Neon-Mercury Lamp as Another Attempt to Achieve a Light Source for Esoteric Purposes


What should it to be, how it to look like...
What to put together from what is available in nowadays tech, and what to bring new in...

- Proposed shape/outlook: A fluorescent coated ED28/ED90 bulb shape with an E40/Mog screw-cap. As case may be, also with an E33 screw-cap.  

  Depiction of clear (uncoated) bulbs,
for a better description of inner details.

- Proposed/expected rated power: 175...250W for an ED28/ED90 bulb.

- Expected compatible ballasts: Metal halide ballasts of 150W/1.80A, and mercury or metal halide lamp ballasts of  250W/2.15A, 50/60Hz, as the case may be.

- Discharge tube: That of the size used for 400W mercury lamps, but made by alumina silicate hard glass instead of quartz, and with electrodes similar to the 250W mercury lamp, for the case.

 In fact there is a larger than usual  '250W' arc-tube, but with proper (not oversized) electrodes, and,  a gas mixture filling containing mainly Neon and Mercury.

HOT CATHODE NEON ARCS – C. G. Found and J. D. Forney. (Journ. Am.I.E.E., December, 1928, V. 47, pp. 855-859.)
 "In general, we believe that the hot cathode neon arc is the most efficient high-intensity source of red light." 
"The substitution of a hot cathode reduces the cathode drop to a few volts and all the difficulties caused by the high cathode fall are avoided. At a pressure of 2 mm, practically all of the tube is filled with positive column and a current of about 3,5 amps is produced when the heater is taking 60 watts. The tubes are started (1) by bringing an HF discharge close to the cathode; (2) by an auxiliary starting anode; or (3) by an inductance 'kick'. Various types are discussed together with their uses and advantages: important features being their long life and their independence of surrounding temperature." 

Discussion to continue...

Cobra's up to date post:  http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2018/05/firing-grid-update.html

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