Tuesday, 15 October 2019

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The Silver Vapor HID Lamp

Subject: A supposed compact discharge lamp, of medium or high pressure, with a mixture of He and Ag. 

Questions into discussion:

- is, or may it be, a supposed 'silver light source'... in case of it comes from an 'metal vapour discharge' using silver?...

- do you know that there is already a scientific proof of an above described electrical discharge?

- do you know about 'He-Ag laser'?...
Helium–silver (HeAg) metal-vapor laser;
224.3 nm;
Electrical discharge in metal vapor mixed with helium buffer gas;
Scientific research. 

- Would you consider proper this light for esoteric purposes, as long as Cobra claims that "silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy"?

- Need to say that the Helium–silver (HeAg) metal-vapor laser emits 224.3 nm wavelength (that is in the UV spectrum). However, the high intensity discharge (at medium or high pressure) may be different from that which occurs in the laser discharge tube; – and there is a reasonable expectance to achieve a wavelength output that reaches the visible spectrum too.
- Mercury and sodium lamps are similar, but using mercury or sodium as 'metal vapor'.

Depiction of a supposed 
Silver Vapor HID Lamp

Research needs to be conducted!
Discussion to continue...

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