Friday, 25 January 2019

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The Gold Vapor HID Lamp

'Q posts'

- is, or may it be, a supposed golden light... the most 'golden' among any else, in case of it comes from an 'metal vapour discharge' using gold?...

- do you know that there is already a scientific proof of an above described electrical discharge?

- do you know about 'Gold vapor laser'?...

Gold vapor laser; 627nm; Electrical discharge;
Dermatological uses, high speed photography, pump for dye lasers; 
(Rare.) Dermatological uses, photodynamic therapy.
However, the high intensity discharge (at medium or high pressure) may be different from that which occurs in the laser discharge tube; – and there is a reasonable expectance to achieve a broader wavelength output in the visible spectrum too.

- do you admit in this way that there is enough proof that an electric discharge occurs in metallic vapors of gold, and that it has a visible spectrum output?

- do you know that mercury and sodium lamps are the same, but using mercury or sodium (and cesium in some experimental lamps)?

- do you know that the amount of metal in this HID lamps is about tens of milligrams?

- is it, or may be considered cost reliable an amount, let's suppose, of 20...30 milligrams of gold?

Now!!… But, what if the full spectrum of a supposed 'gold discharge lamp' is not as 'golden light' but any else instead?

- will we seek to correct it into visible golden light, or do we admit it 'as is' as been the result of the gold-discharge-lamp spectrum of light, but having the hyperdimensional source of light as been the 'Golden Light'?

Depiction of a supposed 
Gold Vapor HID Lamp

Research needs to be conducted!

Discussion to continue...

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